Empower University is designed to educate and empower young women to make wise choices for their future and to gain confidence in Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished through a curriculum comprised of five key components:

Bible Knowledge- teaching about the love and promise of Jesus Christ, and how to develop a relationship with Him through consistent Bible study, scripture writing/memorization, and prayer journaling.

Personal Development- fashion guidance for "modeling Christ" through dress, as well as basic beauty and hygiene guidance, along with classes on job interview skills and resume writing.

Self-Defense & Fitness- teaching how one protects themselves both spiritually and physically.  How to utilize the Armor of God to protect one's self spiritually is taught along with an eight-step self defense class.  This class provides education in an all-female environment, providing a safe and effective way for them to learn and become more confident.  Faith-based fitness is also offered as a fun way to stay fit while enjoying a daily devotional time.

Financial Freedom- basic, age appropriate, financial and budgeting knowledge taught through Dave Ramsey's curriculum.

Cooking & Nutrition- teaching simple, health and budget conscious meal plans, and basic "hands on" cooking skills.

Cricket Alley Ministries' goal is to one day (hopefully in the near future) begin a residential program for young women ages 18-28, in which these five elements will be taught with greater detail.  Those who apply for Empower University, will go through a series of focused interviews to ensure each participant is the right fit for the nine month long program.  The goal for each participant is to ensure their success at independent living as they move forward to be the woman God created them to be.  Until the dream of the residential facility is realized, we are thrilled to continue to stay mobile in our community and teach young women how to be empowered and free in Christ.